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Crystal Tower - Luxury Apartments T2 in noble area - Covilhã city ------ T2 6th Floor "AC" CE: C SOLD by Real Estate Agency J:C&Mário Carriço, Soc. Med. Imob., Lda Ami 1146

T2 6th Floor "AC" CE: C SOLD by Realt Estate Agency J:C&Mário Carriço, Soc. Med. Imob., Lda Ami 1146------------------------------------------------------------------ Situated in the noble area of Covilhã city - With nearby schools, public transportation, restaurants, fitness studios, stores, banks, lounging areas! New apartments, with outer covering in double walls, thermal insulation and ETICS system finishing. Aluminum frames, double glass, thermal electric blinds. Central heating system and pre air conditioning installation. Amazing direct sunlight, that provides natural light throughout the day. Energetic Class: T2 Dwelling "AG" CE: C

Ref. AG 131906 - T2 in Covilhã city

T2 - Used / Year of construction: 1992 Energetic Certified SCE: 9386578 Class D Apartment T2, well kept. Located in dorm area of Covilhã city. Sales value: 61.000€

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ALBUFEIRA: Last 2 Apartments Sea View... Furnished apartments. Capitalize with or without furniture and tenant. Dwelling "H" CE: 0000013112109 Class C Dwelling "R" CE 0000005771525 Class C EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY